About Us

Hey Readers! Hope you are enjoying our articles. Most of visitors ask us to tell who is owner of TopTricksBlogWhen TopTricksBlog StartedWhy we start this blog? and many more QnA. So i decide to answer all questions in this About Page.

Bharat Kumar

My Name Is Bharat Kumar. I start my blogging journey in 2013, Yes when i was 13 years old 😀 and i take blogging seriously from 2015. In this 2 years i do some research on How to create Blog? How WordPress Work? And then i create my first blog in Blogger Platform. Then i work for many Other Blogs, I Write articles on another Blogs and Earn some money. Then i realize that i need to learn SEO to take my blog in top of sky, In 2017 i start learn How SEO Works? And i learn too many things in my this journey, And Finally i decide to share my knowledge with the world so, In 2018 i started This blog TopTricksBlog.